Pelavie® Coffee – 7 new shades inspired by the best coffee varieties

The Innovation Company® engineered a new chapter of Pelavie® clays for you. 

Pelavie® Coffee is a new series of efficient clays, unlike any to date, which have an incredible capability to absorb toxins and excess sebum from the skin, and more rejuvenating it, at the same time.

Pelavie® Coffees consist of 7 shades inspired by the best coffee varieties around the world, and based on naturally bioactive-coated Bentonite clays. A caffeine and lactic acid coating allows this high performer.

This natural range fulfils its promises.

The microcirculation increases by 220%, after 5 minutes of application. The wrinkles decrease by 43,8% in depth (Delta D) and 6,37% in width (Delta W). Our Quality and Efficiency Control Team can make all these tests In Vivo for your formulas to allow optimisation.

Pelavie® Coffee masks

Only by The Innovation Company®

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