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The Innovation Company offers extensive product ranges for Skin Care, Sun Care and Colour Care applications. We have highly equipped R&D, QC and Formulation laboratories to back-up the production and technical service, operating according to ISO9000 standards. We collaborate with our customers and partners sharing our know-how and technical facilities to create modern and functional products for even the most demanding cosmetic consumers.

As a practical guide we offer an Application Sheet concerning each product range. They have been designed to give most essential information about the chemical parameters, benefits, and properties and how to formulate with them.

We also offer a wide library of guide formulations, which are prototypes of fashionable products found in the market place. On top of that, we also create constantly new concepts, which we are happy to share with our customers.

Here you have a full list of our products, but you can also find them divided in three application categories to make your search quicker.

Our Products

Trade Name
Emollients and gloss agents
UV-filter, texturizing agent
Encapsulated colourants
Moisture barrier, silicone substitute, UV-filter solubiliser
Gellified lipids and viscosity modifiers
Auto-emulsifiers and viscosity builders
Gel-emulsifier, viscosity builder
Emollient, lubricant, moisture barrier, long lasting agent
Skin conditioners and antioxidants
Solvents, glossiers and film formers
Colour shade dispersions for BB creams and foundations
Colour shade dispersions for CC creams and SPF foundations
UV-filter, viscosity and texture modifier
Texturizer and dry lubricants
Intense colourant, soft focus agent, texturizer, dry binder
Emollient, lubricant, moisture barrier
Photostable emollients
Emollient, lubricant, moisture barrier
Colourant, UV-filter, soft focus agent
UV-filters with soft focus effect
Anti-age actives
Pre-dispersed organoclays
Water soluble viscosity and texture modifiers
Vegetable oil, emollient, anti-inflammatory
Colourant, mattifier, texturizer
Polymeric matrix
Absorbent and texturizing powder
Silicone based texture modifiers
Texture modifier, soft focus agent, colourant
Texture modifier, soft focus agent
Whitening agent, coverage agent, texturizer
Texturizing powders
Intense colourant, mattifier, texturizer
Actives based on trace elements
Silicone substitutes, emollient, lubricant, moisture barrier
Texturizer, colourant
Silicone substitute, emollient
Silicone substitute