New Pathways For Functional Skin Care

Visibly effective systems for skin care

CRÉATIONS SOINS® is specialized in functional skin care where each ingredient can bring a visual impact, texture improvement or other essential benefits to the final product. Créations Soins® offers modern formulation concepts to maximize the advantages of the actives in synergy with other raw materials.

Fiflow® anti-wrinkle products bring our expertise into gas carriers, which are the most powerful anti-age products known to cosmetics. They function with four different mechanisms, each of them having an important impact to the final results. They work in long term, but they also offer an instant skin relaxation, which is visible in less than 90 seconds.

Our new product concept based on natural products from Finland. The range includes products based on berries, birch sap, flaxseed, peat and pine bark.


Trade Name
Emollients and gloss agents
UV-filter, texturizing agent
Moisture barrier, silicone substitute, UV-filter solubiliser
Gellified lipids and viscosity modifiers
Auto-emulsifiers and viscosity builders
Gel-emulsifier, viscosity builder
Emollient, lubricant, moisture barrier, long lasting agent
Skin conditioners and antioxidants
UV-filter, viscosity and texture modifier
Texturizer and dry lubricants
Intense colourant, soft focus agent, texturizer, dry binder
Emollient, lubricant, moisture barrier
Photostable emollients
Emollient, lubricant, moisture barrier
UV-filters with soft focus effect
Anti-age actives
Pre-dispersed organoclays
Water soluble viscosity and texture modifiers
Vegetable oil, emollient, anti-inflammatory
Polymeric matrix
Absorbent and texturizing powder
Silicone based texture modifiers
Texture modifier, soft focus agent, colourant
Texture modifier, soft focus agent
Whitening agent, coverage agent, texturizer
Texturizing powders
Intense colourant, mattifier, texturizer
Actives based on trace elements
Silicone substitutes, emollient, lubricant, moisture barrier
Silicone substitute, emollient