Tous les produits

We make the difficult part, you can enjoy the results.

The Innovation Company offers extensive product ranges for Skin Care, Sun Care and Colour Care applications. We have highly equipped R&D, QC and Formulation laboratories to back-up the production and technical service, operating according to ISO9000 standards. We collaborate with our customers and partners sharing our know-how and technical facilities to create modern and functional products for even the most demanding cosmetic consumers.

As a practical guide we offer an Application Sheet concerning each product range. They have been designed to give most essential information about the chemical parameters, benefits, and properties and how to formulate with them.

We also offer a wide library of guide formulations, which are prototypes of fashionable products found in the market place. On top of that, we also create constantly new concepts, which we are happy to share with our customers.

Here you have a full list of our products, but you can also find them divided in three application categories to make your search quicker.


Nom commercial
Emollient, lubrifiant, film protecteur
Filtre UV, agent texturant
Colorant, agent volumateur, agent soft focus
Barrière d’hydratation, substitut de silicone, solubilisateur de filtres UV
Agent de viscosité & de texture, agent épaississant, filmogène, film protecteur
Gel auto-émulsionnant, agent viscosifiant
Gel auto-emulsionnant, agent viscosant
Conditionneurs et antioxydants de la peau
Solvant, agent de brillance, émollient, filmogène
Dispersion pigmentaire Développées pour les BB crèmes et fonds de teint
Dispersions pigmentaires developpees pour les CC cremes et fonds de teint avec SPF
Filtre UV
Filtres UV
Texturisants and lubrifiants secs
Barrière de perte insensible en eau, filmogene, tenue longue durée
Agent émollient, lubrifiant, barrière contre la deshydratation
Agent émollient, lubrifiant, film protecteur
Filtre UV, agent soft focus
Agent anti-âge, combleur, transporteur de gaz
Organoargiles pré-dispersées
Modificateur de viscosité et de texture, épaississant, humectant
Filtres UV
Huile vegetale emollient, anti-inflammatoire
Haute intensité de couleur, agent matifiant, agent de texture
Matrice polymère
Sève de Bouleau
La graine de lin
Écorce de pin
Poudre absorbante, poudre texturante
Modificateur de texture, agent filmogène, émollient
Agent de texture, effet soft focus, colorant
Agent de texture, effet soft focus
Poudres texturisants
Colorant intense, agent matifiant, agent de texture
Actif, oligo-élément
Argiles, tourbes et vases
Substitut de silicone, agent émollient, lubrifiant, film protecteur
Combleur, poudre absorbante
Agent de texture, colorant
, substitut de silicone, film protecteur
Barrière de perte insensible en eau, filmogene, tenue longue durée