Photonflow® – A Microbiome Killer and Why?

The technology of harnessing the photon energy of daylight to benefit your skin.

Photonbiomodulation is used by the aesthetic medical world for effective skin repair and its appearance.

Photonflow® MK uses three steps for day control of the microbiome that harbours viruses (from the common cold to the latest Covid-19).

TiO2 Creasperse® TR MK uses the photon energy to release from Ti4+ to Ti3+, one electron, that effectively is an extremely strong photo-catalyst.

ZnO Creasperse® Zn MK uses the skin pH level to diffuse deeper into the epidermis to resolve effective bactericide effect.

Fe3O2 Creasperse® Fe MK is a strong positive catalyst that attracts and destroys the world of the microbiome and its harboured viruses.

Finally, daylight is effective in helping fight the microbiome that feeds and harbours all types of viruses.

Photonflow®, a modern technology that harnesses light photon power to protect you and your skin.

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