Safety and Hydration of your hands skin

These last months, we have been evolving in a completely transformed society. In order to protect ourselves, we have been using excessive amounts of soap and hand sanitizers, which dry the epidermis and disrupt dermis osmotic pressures. Now, it is time to take care of these dry and sensitive hands. 

At The Innovation Company®, we offer excellent ingredients and formulas to soften, moisturise and repair hand skin. All are tested In Vivo and they were carefully selected for their efficiency.

“Peat Hand Mask”, simply the best way to deeply hydrate the skin and improve cells turnover. Increases microcirculation by 60% and decreases TEWL by 54%. Impressive.

“HydraTwist”, the best old-fashioned formula combined with a modern, powerful humectant, to improve cells osmotic pressure. Increases microcirculation by 84% and decreases TEWL by 27%. Remarkable.

“Night Liquid Glove”, a designed mix of TIC Meadowfoam® Seed Oil, Lanolin and Fiflow® 220, ideal to prevent skin water loss and deeply repair hands all night long. Increases microcirculation by 19% and decreases TEWL by 50%. Satisfying.

“Full Night Water Free Emulsion® Face Balm”, a 1937 original, revisited for taking care of hands by forming a smooth, non-occlusive film on the skin.
Increases microcirculation by 81% and decreases TEWL by 26%. Unbeatable still today.

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