Creasperse® Duo

Creasperse® Duo is a range of ready-to-use pre-dispersed mineral UV filters developed for sun care products. Each pre-dispersion combines two... Read more »


Thixolastic® is a range of texturizers and rheology modifiers combining three technologies: thixotropy, pseudoplasticity and spherology. Thixotropy enhances spreadability and... Read more »


Vegeflow® series offers a range of Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, which are excellent dimethicone substitutes. Vegeflows are available in different viscosities;... Read more »


Psiflow® range offers a choice to substitute all silicone grades used in cosmetic industry. They vary from volatile low viscosity... Read more »


Crealanol® is a range of natural emollients and moisture barriers based on Lanolin, which have been used for centuries in... Read more »