Oligolides® is a range of “bio-transformed trace elements” obtained from metallic Copper, Zinc and Manganese by baker’s yeast, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae,... Read more »


Nylonpoly® is a range of Nylon-12 powders with different sizes and surface treat- ments. Nylonpolys are also available with encapsulated... Read more »


Novatext® range consists of silicone based texture modifiers and photostable emollients. Novatext® products provide a soft and silky feel with a... Read more »


NovaPowder® is a one-to-one talc substitute. Substitution of talc is possible for all talc particle size distribution and specific surface area... Read more »


Luxscreen® is a range of UV- dispersions based on photostable lipids and mineral UV- filters encapsulated in a polymer structure.... Read more »


Hydrasoft® products are used as viscosity and texture modifiers and thickeners. They also increase emulsion stability. All Hydrasofts are water... Read more »


Hectone® is a range of pre-dispersed organoclays in various oils and solvents. They are used as thickeners and rheological additives... Read more »