NBF® Skin sublimation

Breakthrough in Skin Visual Efficiency from a clean and pure environment. 

Finnish nature is full of benefits for beautiful and healthy skin.

Wild berries have been picked in the forest and used throughout the ages for various purposes such as nutrition, medicine, decoration and colouring.

Cloudberry (Rubus chamaemorus), which is found in forests and bogs, grows especially in Finnish Lapland. Matured by the midnight sun, “the queen of berries” is much desired for its rarity and exceptional In Vivo qualities.

Frost allows Cloudberry to improve its very interesting properties such as antioxidant, anti-ageing effect and anti-inflammatory activity. The cold also increases its content of structural polysaccharides (HPTLC) and its ability to improve collagen synthesis.
The freshness of this story has inspired us for one of our ranges.

Fiflow® anti-wrinkle and anti-age products, known in particular for their ability to carry oxygen, seem to further increase their performance in the cold conditions. Fiflow® products increase microcirculation and improve cell renewal. The results are instantly visible on the skin.

Then, we combined Cloudberry, an organic active ingredient certified by the Finnish government, with Fiflow®, our best anti-ageing agent today.
Thanks to the cold, microcirculation doubled with an increase of 53%, 5 minutes after the application of Cloudberry Serum with Fiflow®.

We notice that, in same conditions, microcirculation increases by only 30% with Cloudberry Serum with Fiflow® at room temperature, a less significant result compared to the product at 3°C.

Wrinkles are reduced by 68% in depth (Delta D) and 52% in width (Delta W), 5 minutes after application of Fiflow® BTX. This reduction proves the benefits of cold temperature on our Cloudberry and Fiflow® products.

Wrinkle assessment with SEM before and after applying Cloudberry Serum with Fiflow®.

Nature inspires us everyday and we get the best out of it, allowing us to achieve incredible results by duplicating its clean and pure environment.

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