Creastar® Deauville 1916

A fabric transition, a fashion liberation - a star is born

In the fields of the Somme, so close to the Normandy beaches, there is world war. Northern France textile factories are in German hands. Textile shortages had appeared in 1915. Paris was only 80 km away from the front. French families have left Paris for Deauville, Biarritz and Dinard, among other seaside resorts during the war.

Gabrielle Chanel, who is well known in the fashion world for her shoes, hats, gloves and some women’s clothing, runs a shop in Deauville.

Deauville, now the summer residence for wealthy Parisians, hosted a surprising fashion show along the planks of the Deauville beach, in 1916. As Gabrielle was faced with the shortage of fabrics due to WW1, she decided to use Jersey for her new designs, which had been used until then for men’s underwear and jumpers. At that time, women only wore very structured clothes with fixed volumes, but this new material, heavy and fluid, flowing, frees their bodies and their movements. 

Gabrielle seized the opportunity that Jersey offered her and thus launched a new fashion. The new flow quickly seduced wealthy consumers and continues to do so today. Jersey was the transition from the classics of the structured past to the fluidity, comfort and freedom of the future. A woman’s body is liberated.

War, scarcity and a transition to Jersey novelty seduced consumers more than a century ago. Today, our consumer society is in full transition, and cosmetic applications are embracing change, in functions and instant performance. 

Creastar® Deauville 1916, our latest Créations Couleurs® fashion, is a range of pearlescent textures that honour this 1916 creative transformation. Creastar® Deauville 1916 consists of 16 visual experiences, divided into two effects. Our first effect is based on 8 shades reminiscent of a sunset on the beaches of Deauville and our second effect offers 8 transition colours created to liberate, just by pressure, instant hues of black, blue or mauve.

Our Creastar® pearlescent shades for Deauville 1916 bring a new texture of extreme softness and excellent adherence to the skin. 

NovaSoft®, based on a novel composite of di-electric ceramics and unified with light reflexion platelets, give Creastar® Deauville 1916 colours their incomparable softness and application power. The pure powders can be treated with Limnanthes Alba Seed Oil to give a silicone-free lipophilic application, to let your skin breathe.

The Deauville 1916 colours have that luminous sunset magic and allow every woman freedom of creating her own unique colours, and living a new liberation from siliconed skin.

To create your beauty today, from Créations Couleurs® transition technology.

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