Nordic Beauty Finlandia®

Profit from an original site and a clean UNESCO Geopark source 

With Nordic Beauty Finlandia®, The Innovation Company® offers a new adventure in cosmetic formulations, with real claims and unique story.

From snowy hills to lakes, Finnish landscapes are described as among the most beautiful and clean on our planet. Finland’s forests are original in the sense that all the species that grow there are native: no other species have been planted there. Many forests are well watered by rain and grow on a peat soil that is best described as a peat land.

Forests and swamps are mainly owned by our families, already since 1653.

The family of the founder’s wife Jaana Printz, has been farming since 1653 in Karvia. The Innovation Company® also offers clean and sustainable natural ranges from Finland: Nordic Beauty Finlandia®, composed of products that grow from our farm, forest and peat lands.

Due to its uniqueness, the UNESCO has designated the territory as a Global Geopark.

In Karvia region, summer offers more than 60 days of full 24 hours non-stop photon light energy, that generates incredibly high levels of bioactive compounds in the plants, a lot higher than Equator or mountain herbs, for example.

Using our own harvested Birch Sap, which is organic certified by the Finnish government, we create fully natural and extremely efficient extracts, based on this effective NADES solvent (Natural Deep Eutectic Solvent).

Our Nordic Beauty Finlandia® extracts from berries (bilberries, cloudberries, lingonberries, rowanberries and sea buckthorn) harvested by hand in our own forests, can be classified as “Millésime”, like wines. Vintage berries (or other ingredients) are all, or primarily, grown and harvested in a single specific year. The Innovation Company® is the first and still only company to offer Vintage year extracts.

Why? Because nature changes every year, hence berries extracts and their properties are different each year. The Innovation Company® selects only the best years thanks to an HPTLC (High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography) for your cosmetic market.

Also, our advanced In Vivo testing lab (often considered the best in the world by our peers) allows us to observe the effects of our products and your formulas on the skin, in the skin. Our work based on In Situ Dermal Observation (by DLC Microscopy) allows us to help our customer’s formulators and marketing teams to fully optimise their concepts.

We also guide our collaborators with our library of effective energy actives and the best current adjuvants to create that visual difference.

With The Innovation Company®, you can be far ahead of the charters of the past, and embrace Nordic Beauty Finlandia® performance for your next success story.

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